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Loose Weight! No Excercise? Coach?

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Ok! Beberapa bulan lepas, saya ditanya oleh seorang pelajar perubatan dari luar negara mengenai produk Herbalife dan apa makna bila kami panggil diri kami 'coach'. Mmmm menjawab soalan dia ni, saya ambil masa agak lama juga. Entah rasa tak boleh nak jawab ringkas. Nak juga buat jawapan panjang. Tapi anywhere, bila saya baca semula jawapan email saya kepada pelajar tadi, saya rasa boleh lah saya share dengan orang lain.

Email saya adalah saperti berikut:


Alhamdulillah finally I found some time writing to you in the effort to share my Herbalife experience pertaining to your question above. I love sharing especially to medical students because this would give me more exposure. I am a graduate Civil Engineer from UK. Haha... I have shared few times with medical students from India (Malaysian) and local. Interesting.

First of all, Tahniah for the interest to know more about weight management especially when you are in the medical field. There's lot of effort needed to help Malaysian especially on health and nutrition. It's getting worse day by day. Lifestyle decease is just out of control. Drugs alone cannot help us. We need to go back to the source of the problem. Which is food and lifestyle.

When you are young, everything works. When you begin to aged, and working stress comes about, having children of your own, the damages the body experienced really need lots of attention especially from what you eat.  Your body need all the essential nutrition, protein, water and many more which we normally FAILED to provide on a DAILY basis. That is why you see, when we are in our 30's, we begin to grow in size, tired, no motivation to exercise, beginning to have medical problems ie high blood, high sugar, migraine, gastric and many more... it's sad indeed...

It is even sad to say, young people nowadays are beginning to face the problems. Student as young as in their secondary school exposed themselves to fast food either local or American, it doesn't matter. They DEPEND on these types of food to supply them with their essential nutrition on a daily basis. So as early as 18, they are already beginning to develop lifestyle related decease. Overweight is an early signal to tell them "Hey!! You are going to be in trouble if you don't do anything about it NOW!!"

Some skinny person also would develop these problems even though they need to gain weight, If only fat and excessive carbohydrate kind of food is in their daily nutrition, they will develop excessive fat while having low in muscles mass. They may obtained their desired BMI, but obviously their body are shaped by fats not muscle. Which leads them to low energy, low metabolism, and probably many small ailment such as migraine, gastric, etc. Further more, having an ideal body weight with high fat often produced 'out-of-shape' body. They are bigger on their belly and thighs, depending on their body type.

So.. How did we loose weight without exercise? First I must insist to point out that WE NEED TO EXERCISE DAILY. You are actually doing your body its payback by doing it. You body is always loyal to you. Why are we not loyal to it?

There are two things I like to highlight here (apart from spiritual and other things) that we need to give back to our body so that our body can serve us better. There are food and exerciseMOST of us fail to give BOTH. We are doomed... However, taking one step at a time, if we can find solution to the food problem first, we already solved a major part of the problem. 

So lets talk about food... What is food.. Why food is essential to our body? FOOD IS FUEL... Our body consist off trillion of cells doing multi-function to assure our body works. What does these cells need? Nutrition and water. Is our food generally nowadays consist of the balance nutrition it needed on a daily basis? 

Generally our food consist mainly high calorie diet. Very high. We have flour, sugar, starch while lacking on essential nutrients ie protein, vitamins, minerals and off course water. If we continue eating high calorie diet, daily, we tend to eat more because your body will keep on demanding the lack of nutrition that you failed to provide. You will have the urge of eating more. UNTIL your body receive the FOOD it need, the urge of eating is reduced.

Why does sportsman eat a lot and develop overweight problems when they stop doing exercise? I think this is because their high muscle need lots of good food, instead, they gave them high calorie and fat and unbalance meal every single day.

When you take high calorie diet daily, ie over 3000kcal while your body only burns 1600kcal, where does the extra calories go? Remember, you cannot eliminate energy. You only can convert it. Energy in a form of food must be converted to physical or chemical energy. Otherwise, it will turn to fat!! If 50g weekly added to your storage, what will happen in a year, or 10 years...

Another important fact!! For these energy conversion to happen (you call them metabolism), the body need NUTRIENTS ie amino acids (protein), essential nutrients and water. Even when a person exercise, if he is not providing the body with balance food, his body will fail to metabolize effectively, leaving him tired and looking old. That is normally what happen to crash diet. They will loose a lot of muscle (they loose weight), but very unhealthy. When they could not bear it any further, and the body keep nagging for the lost of nutrition (due to the crash diet routine), they will eat more than normal, and start gaining weight (gaining fat) to even worst when they first started. 

When I started to take Herbalife shakes, I know everyday, every morning I have balance nutrition with low in calorie. By providing your body with the essential nutrition and water, you will help your body to metabolize better. Then if the calorie is low,where does the body find its energy? The answer is, from the body excessive fat that are stored in your body. These fat are turned into calories and then into energy. That's how we loose weight without exercise. Your fat will reduce, thus giving you a better shape. 

You will off course have better results when you exercise. Not only you will loose weight, you will improve your cardiovascular system, increasing lean muscles and many other scientific benefits.

We terms ourselves as coach because we have done it to ourselves, and as simple as taking the shakes twice daily, maintaining healthy regular meal, drinking a lot of water, we can show others how to do it. We don't use medical terms, or other 'non' English' terms. We just show them how we do it and further give them encouragement that if we can do it, they can do it too.

And trust me... if your body received the balance nutrition it need on a daily basis, you body will respond positively, feeling satisfied always, having energy and vitality, and through my personal experience, life is never the same without Herbalife.



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