Monday, October 15, 2012

2007 and 2012 sama saja...

Saya jalan-jalan dalam internet, entah mcmna saya terjumpa 'group' yang pernah saya buat lama dulu pada tahun 2007 (waktu ni Facebook belum famous lagi..). Tertarik saya terbaca satu topic di mana ada seorang bertanya saya mengenai Herbalife dan jawapan saya sendiri kepada beliau. Ikuti dialogue:

Dear uncle allen,
Wish u n family a gud health, of course.. Ask u a quest, at present im
studyin at kedah so its hard 4 me 2 chex on email or do some promo
since da admin of my college prohibit their student from any way of
business.. Futhermore, i surely missin out a lot activity out there..
Yes, i wanna be a gr8 distrubutor but meanwhile i also wan 2
concentrate on studies.. Wats ur opinion on dis??
Besh wishes,
Dan ini jawapan saya beri:
Salam Zahir,
Its ok to focus on your study. You have to that. What you can do is to
use the product. It helps you to stay focus in your studies. The
formula 1 with complete nutrition provides your body with the
nutrition it need. It makes your cells healthier and functioning well.
The Tea Mix cleans and give your body energy. You can take it to
replace coffee.
When you do that in front of friends, you are promoting. REMEMBER
Zahir, we do not PERSUADE. We only ATTRACT.
Sharing with your friends is like helping them. If they eat
continously roti canai or nasi lemak and teh tarik every morning,
don't you think you should advise them to eat food with good nutrition
such as protein, fibers, vitamins and other essential nutrients?
Take it naturally. Do it when you feel its right to do it. Enjoy it.
Thanks for asking my advice. Hope the above help you in any where.
Keep up your study.
Allen & Asriah

There"s NO SECRET!!
Its always back to BASICS!! Use the products, Wear the Brand and Talk (Share) to people.
MasyaAllah. Bila saya terbaca apa yang saya jawab kepada saudara Zahir tadi, saya merasa selama ini apa yang saya 'pitch', just keep doing the basics, just do do do do, buat buat buat buat, dari World Team, lama2 jadi President Team, Alhamdulillah
Semuga menjadi pendorong kearah kejayaan.

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